Sustainable Procurement Policy

Sustainable Procurement Policy


To fulfil one of our social responsibilities by striving for sustainable procurement and to minimise the adverse impacts possible across the entire life cycle of the goods we procure. It is the duty of every employee and contractor to adhere to this policy.


We expect ourselves, as well as all of our suppliers, manufacturers and service providers, along with their subsidiaries, affiliates and contractors to commit to the following principles for sustainable procurement:

  • Accountability: to be accountable for our own impacts on society, the economy and the environment arising from the life cycle of the goods or services in the context of procurement.
  • Transparency: to be transparent in those procurement decisions and activities that result in sustainability impact and encourage our suppliers to be transparent.
  • Ethical behaviour: to behave ethically and promote ethical behaviour throughout our supply chains.
  • Full and fair opportunity: to avoid bias and prejudice in all procurement decision-making and give all suppliers a full and fair opportunity to compete.
  • Respect for stakeholder interests: to respect, consider and respond to the interests of stakeholders impacted by its procurement activities.
  • Respect for the rule of law and international norms of behaviour: to strive to be aware of any violations throughout its supply chains and to encourage our suppliers to abide by these rules, to assess and address the relevant compliance.
  • Respect for human rights: to respect internationally recognised human rights.
  • Innovative solutions: to seek solutions to address its sustainability objectives and encourage innovative procurement practices to promote more sustainable outcomes across the entire supply chain.
  • Focus on needs: to review demand, buy only what is needed and seek more sustainable alternatives.
  • Integration: to ensure that sustainability is integrated into all existing procurement practices to maximise sustainable outcomes.
  • Analysis of all costs: to assess the cost incurred over the life cycle, value for money achieved, and the costs and benefits for society, the environment and the economy resulting from its procurement activities.
  • Continual improvement: to work towards continually improving its sustainability practices and outcomes, as well as encourage organisations in our business partners to do the same.
  • Communication of this policy: to inform all employees and business partners of our commitment to sustainable procurement and post a copy of this policy in a place readily accessible to employees at all times.
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