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Asia Pacific

addressThailand - Sriracha
size8,182,000 ft²
addressThailand - LaemChabang
size213,000 ft²
addressThailand - Bangna
size190,800 ft²
addressThailand - Rayong
size374,000 ft²
addressVietnam - Hanoi
size108,000 ft²
addressVietnam - Danang
size116,000 ft²
addressVietnam - Binh Duong
size790,000 ft²
addressSingapore - Tampines
size371,000 ft²
addressKorea - Incheon
size17,000 ft²
addressKorea - Gimpo
size100,000 ft²
addressKorea - Busan New Port
size178,000 ft²
addressAustralia - Adelaide
size161,000 ft²
addressCambodia - Phnom Penh (FTZ)
size213,000 ft²
addressMyanmar - Yangon
size1,742,400 ft² (323,000 ft² of warehouse included)
addressMyanmar - Mandalay
size1,858,700 ft² (107,700 ft² of warehouse included)
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