Kerry Logistics offers integrated supply chain solutions to the automotive sector, including sourcing and supply of raw materials to manufacturing plants, outbound automobile delivery to end customers, and aftermarket logistics.


Through a process-driven approach, our integrated automobile logistics services ensure quick adaptation to changes in product mix and volume. Our services include upstream production line logistics, buyers’ consolidation, cross-docking, vendor management, and more.


Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)
Our inbound logistics and VMI solutions ensure a continuous supply of raw materials to support your production line all year round. These solutions include vendor hub operations, catalogue management, schedule/KANBAN pulled production, JIT delivery, milk-run logistics, and more.


Sub-Assembly and Kitting
Our solutions are designed to reduce depreciation risks by basing the final assembly of vehicles as close as possible to end customers. We offer BOM assembling, SN management, picking and sorting, kitting and sequencing, testing parts management, and more.


Spare and Service Parts Logistics
We provide sophisticated logistics management to help you improve parts availability and order accuracy, which results in optimised inventory levels and a shortened cycle time for your automobiles. Our services include kitting, quality inspection, maintenance, critical parts replacement, inventory forecast/analysis, and more.


After-Sales Logistics
We offer after-sales logistics support, with 4S stores distribution, reverse logistics and return management for spare and service parts, regional allocation of spare and service parts, product recall, and call centre support.


Value-added Services
Our value-added services include functional testing, vehicle cleaning, tyre checking, pressure refilling, battery recharging, CKD or SKD operations, event logistics, and more.