FMCG Trading & Distribution

KerryFlex represents and distributes a wide array of the world’s most renowned imported food, beverage and healthcare products. With years of experience and in-depth trade know-how, our professional sales and marketing teams manage each brand with dedicated care and attention.


Our expertise includes sales and marketing, brand management, in-store merchandising, retail distribution and daily replenishment, as well as key account and credit management. We are committed to helping our customers achieve maximum brand awareness, market penetration, sales returns and customer satisfaction.


Backed by Kerry Logistics, we provide multi-temperature warehousing services, including deep frozen (-25°C), frozen (-18°C), chilled (0-4°C), air-conditioned (8-25°C) and ambient storage. Our own fleet of trucks and reefer trucks offers additional reliability and flexibility to meet your specific requirements while ensuring timely and cost-efficient delivery.