Board of Directors

NG Kin Hang

Executive Director

Aged 41, has been the Executive Director of the Company since January 2019. Mr Ng joined the group (the “Group”) in August 2001. He is currently the Executive Director – Integrated Logistics. Mr Ng is also a director and oversees the operations of various subsidiaries and associated companies of the Company, including Kerry Express (Thailand) Public Company Limited (“Kerry Express Thailand”), a subsidiary of the Company.


Mr Ng started with the first batch of management trainees of the Company in 2001, and during the tenure, he had held different corporate and field-based positions in various business segments across Greater China and Southeast Asia. In 2008, Mr Ng relocated to Thailand and started KART (Kerry Asia Road Transport), the Company’s Association of Southeast Asian Nations cross-border transportation unit. In 2013, Mr Ng led the Group’s express delivery business in Thailand, whereby Kerry Express Thailand achieved unprecedented growth. Today, Kerry Express Thailand is the market leader and a household brand in Thailand.


Mr Ng obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from The University of Hong Kong in 2001.