Board of Directors

KUOK Khoon Hua

Executive Director

Aged 39, has been an Executive Director of the Company since November 2013. Mr Kuok is the Chairman of Kerry Holdings Limited (“KHL”) (a subsidiary of Kerry Group Limited (“KGL”)), and a director of KGL and Kuok (Singapore) Limited. Both KGL and KHL are the controlling shareholders of the Company.


Mr Kuok has been a non-executive director of Kerry Properties Limited (a company listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited with stock code 683), which is also a controlling shareholder of the Company, since June 2015, a non-independent non-executive director of Wilmar International Limited (a company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange with stock code F34) since July 2016 and an independent director of Sea Limited (a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange with stock code SE) since October 2017.


Mr Kuok obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Harvard University in 2003.