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Serving as a good corporate citizen

As Asia's leading logistics service provider, Kerry Logistics embraces Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as fundamental to our vision, mission and core values.

As Asia’s leader in logistics services, Kerry Logistics has stepped up to the challenge in all areas of corporate responsibility. Corporate social responsibility, sustainable development and employee engagement are all tightly integrated into the our management and daily operations.

Kerry Logistics cares. Whether it is the environment, community, or our employees, we know that we have a responsibility to demonstrate our commitment to these three areas and bring positive changes for current and future generations.

CSR Reports
To view our latest Corporate Social Responsibility Report and reports dating back to 2008, please follow the relevant links to the right. The report from 2008 to 2012 should be read in conjunction with the Annual Reports issued by our former mother company Kerry Properties Ltd, contents of which cover the substantive issues relevant to Kerry Logistics.